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Application, check...Headshots, check....Bio/Resume, Check! Making sure I had all of my necessary materials, I hurried out the door for my big be the "Next Food Network Star"! At 2:57pm, I quickly jumped in a cab and told the driver to take me to W. 57th between 11th and 12th (on the way west side of Manhattan, otherwise known as BFE).

3:12pm, I arrived at CBS Studios and noticed a line of about 20 people deep outside the building. Just to make sure I was in the right spot, I asked a girl with a walkie talkie if the line was for the audition, she confirmed and directed me to the back of it.

As I took my place in the line I started chatting with a few of my fellow contestants, there was a guy from Australia (who looked a bit rough around the edges) and said he was trying out on a whim as he was a sous chef in Jersey and thought it would be an interesting experience. The girl in front of me was in finance and is trying to get out of the industry and into something food related. Another girl, who was a pastry chef, took the train in from Philly just to audition. It seemed everyone was anxious, yet excited to be there.

3:38pm, still waiting in line outside, and the weather was starting to change! A dark cloud was moving in and the wind was picking up. We all looked a little scared and hoped we would be moved inside before it started to rain.

3:42pm, the wind was crazy! It was blowing so hard that all of us in line were like birthday candles and it was a fat kid that wanted cake. My hair was everywhere (not the best time to be wearing lipgloss) and looked more like an 80's do vs. the smooth, sleek look I started with.

3:54pm, I was finally moved inside just as the rain started up (thank god)! I ran a brush through my mangled hair, signed in and was handed a number. Welcome to the audition contestant 289!

3:58pm: I was directed to a room where I was to wait until my group number was called. As I was getting comfortable, I overheard several conversations. A girl was complaining that she had been there since 11am and was still waiting. A guy was convincing another guy that his BBQ style was better. An Italian guy was trying to pick up on a few of the girls in the room. A woman was talking about her recent trip to Puerto Rico and was raving about the restaurant Marmalade (a place I've had the pleasure of dining last year, it was delicious). And a guy was trying to recruit a few people to join him for a drink at the Whiskey Trader after the audition. I thought to myself, a drink was something I could totally use about now, all this waiting was making me very thirsty! There were definitely some colorful personalities in the room from what I could see, so the competition could be tough.

4:26pm: Group 240-250 was called. I was getting close...or at least I thought.

4:55pm: My group was excited! We were taken to another room (ugh) and continued to wait until our number was called. I could see the interview/audition room so at least I knew it wouldn't be too much longer. My new "line" friends and I were joking around that we should come out of the audition room and scream "I'm going to Hollywood", like in American Idol...but the other people in the room didn't think it was too funny and gave us weird looks.

5:32: A man announced, number 289 you're up. That's me, I responded! This was it, my big moment to shine. I walked into the room, sat down across from the casting director and introduced myself. She asked me a few questions about my background, we chatted for a couple of minutes and that was it...the audition was over. It was much less intimidating than I thought. She walked me out, thanked me for coming and said if you hear from us by Tuesday you have made it to the next round.

5:41pm: I said goodbye to my fellow line buddies and left the building. It was definitely an interesting day; I met some cool people, practiced my patience, and took a chance! Who knows, you may see me on the Food Network soon...I'll be crossing my fingers until Tuesday!


  1. I think you'd be great EM! I hope you are "going to Hollywood BABY!" I thought that was funny.

  2. wow! i'm so impressed! i am sure you will make it. love, kavita