Drink Your Veggies!

A few years back when I did my first yoga cleanse retreat in Santa Barbara, I was introduced to the notion of “Green Juice”.  At first it freaked me out a bit, I have to admit, but as I took a sip I realized it was actually delicious…and super healthy to boot.  Moving forward, I began to rely on green juice as a way to detox after a long weekend, or from a busy week of travels. It is always a pick-me up, and also felt like I was doing my body good. 

Last year I shelled out to buy my first juicer…a Breville (which I believe to be one of the best machines), and juicing is now part of my morning ritual…well at least 3-4 times a week depending on my travel schedule.  To tell you the truth, I have actually stopped drinking coffee, since the juice gives me more energy and helps me sustain it throughout the day! 

My juicer has truly turned out to be a great purchase for the amount of use it gets, and doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen.  The only problem is you have to keep your fridge stocked with fresh vegetables and fruits to make the juice process happen, and then clean your equipment after usage.  So as long as you keep your grocery list current, and you don’t mind a little clean up, it can be as simple as pie to juice! 

With the dog days of summer upon us, juicing is quickly becoming part of my everyday life and is also starting to replace a few meals here and there in the hopes that I can get “Swim suit” ready, by at least by the end of summer if anything- ha!

In case you would like to join me on this juicing venture, I have included my favorite Green Juice recipe for you to try below.  But for those of you who don’t want to make the full commitment and purchase a juicer, luckily juicing has become a bit more of a mainstream phenomenon.  There are now several retail locations for you to get your green fix for $10 or less. 

Some of my favorite spots include:
http://candlecafe.com  (NYC Based)
http://www.nekterjuicebar.com  (Orange County, CA Based)
http://juicetoyou.net  (San Fran Based)

Additionally, a few companies actually offer delivery style services for juice cleanses and daily juices, some include:

Recipe for Em's Green Fairy Juice:  
*Because it give you a buzz!

3 Leaves of Romaine Lettuce
5 leaves of green Kale
1 Cup of Spinach
Small Bunch of Parsley
1 Cucumber (peeled)
1 Large Carrot (peeled)
1 small Broccoli Stem (without florets)
½ Lemon (rind cut off)
½ Green (Granny Smith) Apple (cut into 2 pieces)

Rinse/wash all produce, and prep as needed.  Then start your juicer and start adding ingredients a few bunches at a time.  Then pour into a glass and enjoy over ice if needed!  That’s it…simple as pie, but more nutritious.  Enjoy!!!

A few notable tips:
  • Freshly extracted juice is very perishable, drink it as soon as possible after making.
  • Best to juice first thing in the morning, before eating other foods to get the full effect! Starting your day off with green juice will set you up for success! You will feel satisfied and energetic, and  will be full of vitamins, live enzymes and nutrients. It also helps minimizes cravings so it will help you eat less and more healthy throughout the day!
  • Wash your fruits and veggies well, and store properly!  It is best to use fresh produce within 2-3 days
Added bonus….If you compost or have a garden, you can use the remains from juicer in this fashion instead of just throwing it away.  It has rich nutrients and fibers and will make any garden bloom with delight!  Also, could be a great way to come full circle, especially if you grow your own veggies!